Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is approaching as is progress

In case I don't update my blog until afterwards, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

As for progress, well not much work has been done, enough to take a few pictures but not many. I have however been throwing ideas around in my head.

Work in progress AA gun. The Big shootas need holes drilled in their barrels still.

As you can see I have used an old killa kan/deff dread arm for the AA gun

Underside of the platform. Still needs alot of work

I was thinking about making the looted blast gun look like it was being powered by  re-purposed  lascannons and zapguns. These are not glued, just positioned for a mock-up.

Broken Coolant tubes.

Im now thinking about not using the lascannon idea but instead making a reactor out of an old paint pot. Specifically one of the ones that had the screw lid. I'm planning on having tubes come out of the dimples on the lid and having wires come out of the tubes. I'm not sure where I want the wires to go, and I'm also debating puting more broken coolent tubes on the base of the gun where the lascannons are now.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas let me know.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A small amount of progress has been made this morning and coupled with the other small projects I have been working on, you get a good amount of new pictures.
I added the Deff Arsenal turret that I have been working on. I'm quite happy with how it turned out the of course I need to add rivets, armor plates and of course more rivets.

Side view of the Deff Arsenal turret. In this one you can more clearly see the old metal LR crusader hurricane bolter ammo box feeding the smaller weapons. as well as an old metal sentinal lascannon power pack.

The turret was mounted with two 25mm bases as seen here.

These things are great. with this I can make a movable turret. Yes I could have used magnets but I didnt for  3 reasons.
1: I didnt have any that would hold the weight at the moment. 2: This involves less glue. 3: Due to the nature of magnets sometimes one will pull the other out of the hole its in, glue and all. With this I don't have to worry about that problem

The Gargant. I never was happy with how the other arm looked and when it broke off in transit to a game I left it off. 
I'm not sure what this is going to be  yet. Probably a battle wagon with kill kannon (just because that thing looks too cool to be a regular zzap gun)

Side view. The tip is made from a broken stikkbomb.

The Big Mek battle fortress.  Its coming along incredibly slowly. especially since it was started almost a year ago.
The latest additions are: the big gun in the middle (a looted plasma blast gun) and the side weapons seen clearly in the following picture.

A better picture of the side weapons. I have 2 assault cannons that go with the zzap gun but I can't find them at the moment.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this part of the gargants track. I might  enclose it and add  more guns or   make it a transport section. Either one of these ideas requires me to buy more plasticard (I'm quite low on the stuff at the moment.)
Comments? Criticism? Leave them in the commments.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Finally Back To Work

After what seems to me like an eternity, my room is built, and I have moved into it. All that is left are a few boxes of random (mostly non warhammer) stuff that still need to be moved. HOWEVER, I now have a large work desk, complete with drawers for plasticard and bits box storage. I shall soon be able to fully complete my gargant, and several of the other projects I (unwisely) started during my absence. Tomorrow I shall be uploading pictures of things I started during the break. Hopefully I will get some respectable work done on my Gargant too.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Slow times

Well, I'm still alive, And have not given up on Warhammer. It has just been put on hold for a while, My work area will be renovated soon so all that had to be cleared. still might get some painting done but don't hold your breath on it. Minecraft has pulled me back in so that's another reason I've been absent. Oh and you may also start seeing some skaven on here as I am purchasing a skaven army from a friend of mine.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Painting some 'Ard Boyz

Well I think I've started to get some motivation back as i have suddenly had the urge to paint my 'Ard Boyz. I made it a goal to get the squad of 20 painted by the middle of october. Now, you might think that's funny and totally easy but as a I have a chronic lack of motivation Its a good goal for me.


Fot the skin tone I layer the following colors in this order:
  1. Orkhide Shade
  2. Knarlock Green
  3. Camo Green
  4. Gretchin green
It has taken me quite a while to come up with  a skin tone procedure that I am happy with.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Armored Krumpany

Recently during my never ending quest for reference material for conversions, I ran across something very interesting on . Namely the Armored Krumpany. I'm thinking of re-doing the codex that someone wrote a couple years back and incorporating it into my own ork mini-dex. I will share the results soon and will provide the links to the originals as soon as I complete my "Download Links" page

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gargant Video and other news

As you can see I have finally gotten around to making the video. At the moment I have so many projects going and so little motivation that it all seems a little overwhelming. I think that I will be buying some greenstuff this weekend, 36" to be precise along with some plasticard. (For readers in the US: I've also been pressured into trying Dystopian wars. It looks fun and am looking forward to getting a game in if I can get to the local game store.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gargant: nearing playable completion

I have finally gotten the Gargant mounted on its tracks. In doing so I also found a use for some of the plastic part rejects I picked up from the plastic shop i work at. I took a whole bunch of pictures, but as it turns out none of them look good so, unfortunately I will make a video of the Gargant. If anyone wants to see the pictures I took please let me know.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paint on a Big Trakk

So in between working on my gargant and doing other non hobby things I have been painting my favorite Big Trakk. I must say, so far I am quite happy with the results.

The grey paint here is supposed to be grease as this is the turret mount.
as for the orangish spots on the green those are knicks painted with boltgun metal and washed with vallejo fleshtone for rust (it looks better in sunlight.)

Here you can see the one part I really messed up on, I should have puttied the gap in the cockpit and hull up but  i didn't. I must have been too anxious to paint it or get it on the table or something.

Here is the side of the tank. I apologize for the terrible glare. Also that orange stripe there is  normally darker.
*shakes fist at ceiling lamps* 

Ah the exhaust. I think I'm going to wash that with either badab black,  or ink it with a black ink.

And the engine. I still have to remove the ad-mech symbol and replace it with a n ork mek symbol but other than that I'm very happy. with how it's turning out.

And there you have it, some painting progress. If anyone wants a complete run-down of the colors used let me know and i will see what I can do.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gargant Work!

First I want to apologize for not giving much information with my pictures. I'm going to try and remedy that from now on.

Now that that's off my chest, the Gargant is really coming along nicely.
 I changed the gun head to a more literal interpretation. Yes that is a metal washer with large plastic rivets.
As you can see I added what I like to call barrel 'flair'. Eventually I will add rivets to each of the 'flair' spikes

A shot of a random mechanical arm, made from the Stompa close combat arm. I'm  not really sure how I'm going to finish it if anyone has any suggestions let me know.

This is the second Primary weapon of the Gargant. Hopefully you can tell that it's an energy weapon, if not, you now know. 

I thought the gun was lacking some detail so I added an exhaust line from the trukk kit and part of an eldar sensor.
The vanes sticking out are from the Manticore/Deathstrike kit and the are mounted on part of a copula from the trukk kit.

Here you can see that I added a radar dish and the coil from the battlewagon zzap gun.
also the basis for this gun is 2 Stompa Chainsword motor things glued together.

Here you can see the start of an AA gun for the Gargant. It has not been mounted as of yet because I want it to be able to move. I have a very good idea how I want to do that.

I changed the superstructure that the head is mounted on.  It now looks reasonably large enough to hold a crew. 

I don't think I ever really took a picture of the back so here it is.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back In Action

I'm back, though not better than ever, The arm still hurts occasionally but I have started working on my models again.

Anyway I've gotten some work done on my Gargant, I'm going to be playing in a big apoc game in September so I needs to be done by then.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taking an un-scheduled break from model building

My family has been thinking about moving to a bigger house and so we've been doing a heck of a lot of cleaning. While knocking down a really ugly fence on monday, I swung the sledge hammer incorrectly and managed to pull my arm out of the socket,  It's back in place now but still is very sore. So no knife work for me for a while.

I've also started a Patfhinder Campaign with my sister and a couple of friends so I'll probably keep everyone updated on that as I chance.

Monday, July 9, 2012

non wargaming

Last Friday I went to a place in Ohio called African safari wildlife park. It was smaller than I thought It would be but still quite alot of fun. Here are some pics.