Saturday, March 2, 2013


This is a list of all the orks I have. not counting any super heavies, nor whatever is in my bitz box.

2x big meks with shock attack gun
1 big mek with kff
1 ghazgkhull
2x unassembled warbosses
1 Warboss with twin shoota and big choppa
1 Warboss with power klaw and twin shoota
1 Warboss with power klaw and attack squig
Grotsnik conversion


25x nobs with choppas and sluggas
6x broken metal nobs
2x power klaw slugga nobs
1 power klaw twin shoota nob
4x big choppas with  twin shoota nobs
1 choppa twin shoota nob
3x big choppa nobs
3 waaagh banners
5x painboys
48x lootas (with enough parts to make 10+ more)
26x burnas (with enough parts to make 12+ more)
3x rokkit boyz (with parts to make 10 more)
3x bomb squigs
1 kff mekboy junka

20x ard boyz with 2 big shootas and 1 powerklaw nob
6x big shootas (have parts to make more)
4x nobz with power klaws (have parts to make more)

2x big trakks with supa kannon
1 Battle Wagon with supa kannon
1 BW with 4 big shootas and kannon
1 unassembled battle wagon
6-10x flash gits
2x deff dreads
1 deff dread unassembled
3x killa kans

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