Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Post

Welcome to It Came From The Bitz Box. I suppose for this first post I'll show you my current projects that I'm working on.

This is the start of a Mekboy gargant that will be mounted on tracks (I always like that look). I know it isn't much to look at right now but hopefully as time goes on and the build progresses It will get better.

This is a work in progress (WIP) Big Trakk with supa-kannon. The partial roll cage thing is going to have some plasticard glued to it (some will have rivets others will be made to look tack-welded)
The  tracks came from a Tamiya Sherman kit I picked up at a church 'rummage' sale for $2 a couple years back.
Another view of the big trakk. This time showing the Recoil absorbers at a better angle.

I have a bunch more pictures that show some of the builds I have not touched in a while (or have already finished), Here.

If you have any comments on these images please feel free to leave them here. Any comments for the images in the dakkadakka gallery please leave on dakkadakka.

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  1. I especially dig the Big Trakk!
    Awesome start!